Aunt Bessie’s teams up with brewery to launch roast dinner flavour beers


Aunt Bessie’s is known for producing a range of frozen goods for your Sunday roast.

So now they’ve teamed up with Leeds-based Northern Monk brewery to put all those traditional elements into a beer.

Yes, you’ve read that right (and don’t worry April Fools day was a few weeks ago) – please prepare yourself for the Roast Dinner Brown Ale, followed by a Jam & Custard Pale Ale, based on Aunt Bessie’s iconic Jam Roly Poly

Both based in Yorkshire, the brands have been working on the idea for months but they decided now was the perfect time to release it to spread positivity during lockdown.

The beers have been brewed at Northern Monk’s Leeds-based brewery, with the two brands working together on the recipe and ingredients.

Sunday Dinner, a 5.7% Roast Dinner Brown Ale, is brewed with actual Aunt Bessie’s Crisp & Fluffy Roasties and Original Golden Yorkshires.

Jam Roly Poly, a 5% Jam & Custard Pale Ale, is a recipe inspired by the Aunt Bessie’s product of the same name, and is brewed with plum, apricot and strawberry – the same fruits used in the Aunt Bessie’s product, along with custard to round out the flavours.

Speaking about the collaboration, Founder of Northern Monk, Russell Bisset, said: ‘It’s been an honour working with Aunt Bessie’s, a truly iconic Northern brand.

‘There’s nothing quite like a Sunday Roast with all the trimmings, and on a weekend where we’d usually be getting together with our families for a traditional Sunday Dinner, we’ve teamed up to bring you something a little different.

‘We’ve worked together to create something that’s never been done before, and we hope that it brings some well-needed positivity to the nation.’

Sam Dolan, Head of Marketing at Aunt Bessie’s, added: ‘There’s nothing like coming together with loved ones over a roast dinner and a cold beer, and so to join forces with a fellow Northern brand to create something which has never been done before is really special.

‘We’re sure Aunt Bessie’s fans are going to love the combination of a two-course roast dinner beer and as we celebrate Aunt Bessie’s 25th birthday this year, what better way to mark the occasion?’

The cans of the beer cost £3.50 each or you can pick up a two-course dinner pack for £6.