Mum creates amazing feature wall with a stick of celery and paint tester pots


Wanting to give her kids’ bedroom a bit of an upgrade, one mum created an amazing feature wall for less than £35.

She used paint tester pots to keep costs low and created an animal print design using a stick of celery.

She also added coloured sections – a dusky pink for her daughter’s side and a green for her son.

Sharing the pictures on the DIY On A Budget Official Facebook group, the mum said that she chopped up the stick of celery and then dipped pieces in black paint and used them as stamps to create the design.

She used masking tape to create perfectly straight lines in the coloured sections.

The whole thing looks so professional, it almost looks like wallpaper but she insisted it was straightforward to do.

She said: ‘Managed to make this work, my son and daughter have to share a room now and this is it finished.’

The mum added that the shade on her son’s side was Wilko’s own brand Green Mint Crisp paint and for her daughter’s section, she used the shade Ballet Slipper from Johnstone’s.

She also removed wardrobes from the room, instead using clothing rails from Ikea as she said it made the room feel more open. She said it also made finding things easier as she could see all the clothes and helped them choose their own outfits.

Other members of the group loved the idea and couldn’t believe she’d used a vegetable.

‘You painted it with celery?!? Shut the front door!!!’ one said.

Another added: ‘Celery!! Genius.’

It might take a little time and patience but it would be a perfect lockdown project.